It is just not a return which happens, when size goes way wrong! - etailogy
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It is just not a return which happens, when size goes way wrong!

Recently, one of the brands got affected by an unhappy online shopper’s social outreach, and the others joined in! The customer had ordered apparel online for a plus size and ended up receiving a far bigger jacket.

Customers who might be already self-conscious about the body, especially women shoppers, may get affected firstly by not receiving the correct size, and additionally for receiving monstrous apparel. This might also severely affect the brand name, and discourage people to buy online. The plus sized clothes are always limited choices and the number of brands which has sizes beyond XL is still evolving, though the choice availability part is changing fast.

Aesthetically over sized garments allow more movement and air calculations than body fit garments, but the plus size consumers are more concerned about the body and feel less confident to wear garment which are way bigger for their bodies.

A lot of brands make mistake in this area, were they take pattern of smaller sizes and change measurements to make it into bigger sizes, this approach may or may not be suitable for certain body shapes, height and weight. Again, plus size brands are also evolving and their sizes are no longer the grade up or down applied on their existing tech packs, many brands have started specifically designing for plus size people.

There are technologies like Size n Fit which helps online shoppers find correct size by entering just the height, weight, wearing preference and the body shape, using selection from few pictures, availability of such technologies can make a big difference how plus size apparel are sold and bought online.

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